Good Yo-Yos


What are some must have yo-yo’s for a collection?


There aren’t any. But its good to have a 1a player, 2 loopers and an offstring yoyo.


Anything painted by John Higby.


There really aren’t any. If somebody says an 888 or Catch 22 is a must have, somebody else will say that those are too small and that a Superstar and DNA are must haves. :slight_smile:

(Waylon) #5

over time your collection will just sort of happen as you experiment with different types of yoyos and types of play. after that it will refine itself to your likes and dislikes.


What is a good off string yoyo?


It is all preference. I personally like the YoYoJam Aquarius. Then the BigYo 2, then the Hayabusa SL, Hayabusa, and so on. Aquarius all the way!

(Jesse) #8

I believe that the Aquarius is the best for beginners because it is fairly big, and it doesn’t snag. Although the Bigyo is bigger and the same weight, the weight is more spread out and for some reason it snags a lot when you go to throw it.


Not the best, I much prefer the Hayabusa.

Anyway, he Hitman is a must have in my opinion, I still have to get one of those.

(Jesse) #10

The Hayabusa is just as good I just don’t like hard plastic because it makes a lot of noise. The hard plastic will bounce right back up instead of shooting away when it hits the ground like the Aquarius does, though. I also think that the Hayabusa is a little smaller.


Well, it is after all; preference.

(_|@<06) #12

I would say that a speedmaker/lyn fury/kickside/journey is a must have for any collection because there really cheap and you can beat them up and there exceptional players!

P.S. you can mod them too :stuck_out_tongue:


A YoYoFactory FundaMETAL

(JonasK) #14

Collectables fits nicely into any collection :wink:

What I can tell from looking at large collections is that they contain some main players, some modded plastics, some unmodded plastics, some YYJ bi-metals and some rare collectables.

(Jamesofyoyo) #15

Any 5 stars. :wink:


Black Knights… Because they are cool.

Most SE editions are fun to have.