Good trade?

My NMIB summit, Rally, and MIB vibey Yeti for his kinda beat marmot and first run gnar with light damage and 10$?

I wouldn’t have done it. But if you are happy with it that is all that matters.

Not a good trade

I think if he kicked in another $20-$30 it would’ve been fair. :wink:

gnar and marmot are not that popular whereas all 3 of the yoyos you stated are currently saught yoyos

of course the plastics will drop considerably once more get released

I’d personally price his 2 clyws in the $60 range plus the $10 makes it $130 (I sold my gnarwhal for $55 recently since the markets so flooded with them)
The 2 plastics would be $30 each and the summit would be another $60 so that’s $150

If all yoyos on both sides were mint I’d say it was fair