Hello all. I do not use many of these anymore because I don’t have much time to yoyo now. I’m still holding on to a few things but for the most part this is all my stuff. Thanks for looking!


First Row:
Ogopogo BvM $40 has a lot of rim damage and some vibe
Blue FG Avalanche (MINT) $40 not much vibe here and looks nice!
Gold nugget avalanche $50 awesome color, has some rim damage and minor vibe
Caramel Glacier Express $80 has some rim damage

Second Row:
Asteroid 2nd Run Chief $80 has some rim damage and a little vibe
Blue Test Color Yeti (MINT) $75 awesome!
OG Narwhal $90 very smooth with only a few rim nicks
Ninja Hurdles Cliff $100 one ano removal scratch but smooth

Third Row:
Crunch Berry Summit $75 Practically mint
Ash Berry BvM 2 (MINT) $110 awesome and smooth
Orange/Blue M1 $20 couple of rim nicks
Orange CODE 2 $30 has one deep rim nick

Fourth Row:
Red/Purple Project 2 $20 BEAT!

All prices as posted or best offer… I will add $5 for shipping costs with each purchase. ie) if you buy 2 throws i still charge a flat $5

*** If you are interested PM me and I will give more detailed pictures on request!


how do I pay?

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