Mah Bst : CLYW and Paradigm Shift

A-RT Grail Half purple Half gold MWB- 100$
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 Jack Rabbit MWB- 80$
CLYW Summit Half grey half purple a few dings still totally smooth MWB-60$
Yeti 2.0 orange MWB-25

OhYesYo! x Traveling throw Paradigm shift. So the deal with this one is I had it in my pocket and I walked into the couch and I can only assume i bent the bearing seat out of whack. Now it has quite a bit of vibe which affects play. still spins awhile and looks sweet, still one of the coolest looking yoyos I can think of. Forest green with pretty minimal cosmetic damage. I just know these things are rare so im sure somebody will want to pick it up ill give it away for 30 bucks, comes with the box.

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Pmd you

Paradigm shift is gone



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