OYY, mini’s, CLYW

Decided to clean this up a bit and take new pictures of what’s left and toss in a few others and a little bundle action.

First pic is OhYesYo. Bundle this lot for $235.
•Paradigm Shift. Fairly beat but still a great player. First run meat slicer if you will. $75
•The Rambler. Played but still in good shape has a few scuffs. $95
•Witching Hour. 1 of a few I think like 8? Corrections welcome. $85

Second pic is undersized. Bundle this lot for $90
•Throw cafe Espresso. 1 flat spot. Great hard to find mini $25
•Yoyofreaks Mono. 1 ding. Another great hard to find mini. $50 (last buyer wished for refund, now it’s back for sale)
•Yoyofactory Skyline i(b)s grade. No markings but has been played. $25

Third pic is CLYW bundle. $150. Will not separate.
•Pickaxe- confetti cannon. No marks, has been played
•Akita- horsehead nebula. No marks, has been played as well.


Another Douska
33 1/3
Heavy cream
Cyber crash
West coast
Chopsticks gorilla

All sold

Still got some fire left up here. If you’ve never thrown a paradigm shift now is your chance to get one decently cheap!



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Bumppppp! New stuff!