Opinions on this trade?


I need assistance.

I would be trading my purple yeti, which has one mark on it for a fools gold 28 stories Avalanche with like 3 dings. He also agreed to throw in a kendama. Opinions?

I’m probably not going to do it but I just want to see what people say.


Depends on the kendama


Tbh I have no idea which kendama it even is


I’d do it.

Unless it’s like a Yomega or Bahama Kendama… It’d make an OK paperweight I guess.


He said it was a Bahama kendama so yeah lol I guess I won’t do it.


Well don’t let me sway your decision. It would still work fine if it’s your first dama.


Wdb_franco on Instagram? He’s offered me those for my yeti. That kendama looks pretty beat though.


Yup that’s him. I was thinking the same thing


What do you value more, the Yeti or the Avalanche?

The market is still… relatively… good for Yetis. You can get retail for them and sometimes a touch more. On the other hand, FG CLYW always get decent resale, too. I think hype-wise, the Yeti is winning out, but that doesn’t change the money scenario. They’re both worth relatively the same. He’s adding the kendama because of the hype factor…

But if you would rather have the Avalanche, to me this is an even trade regardless of the kendama.

I like both of those yoyos, so only you can decide which one you want more. :wink:


Imo even straight trade and ur getting a better deal if you get the kendama.

Fg avalanche will play way nicer than the yeti too! Yetis are overpriced and overhyped in my opinion

(major_seventh) #11

Make sure you’re positive you wanna trade as well. There have been too many trades I’ve regretted, so I’ve just stuck to trading beaters and throws I’m not attached to now. I try to force myself to keep my throws :wink: .

Just saying this cause the Yeti is apparently your fav throw and your profile pic has it.