FS/FT Kendama Lot of 8. Trade for yoyos!!

Up for sale or trade is 8 kendamas I’ve aquired over the past few months.

Not too sure what some of them are but I know a few.

Yomega pro
Kendama USA tribute 5 hole
Sweets rasta I believe?
Kendama master bamboo?
Cheapo mini kendama
Painted one I got in a trade, not sure the brand

The other 2, top row 3rd and 4th I don’t know what they are or who made them.

Never really got into as much as I’d hoped so if like to trade for some yoyos.

I’ll do package deals, individual or the whole lot. I don’t really care too much, just want to see thrm go to where they’ll actually be used.

Interested in trading a Yeti for kendamas

Please remove, these are sold