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Good sir, you can only bump once a day.

By the way i would also take a CLYW Canvas or BvM2. :smiley:

I ALSO have a bunch of YoYoFactory yoyos to sell or trade. Ill even make them deal sweeteners depending on what you offer :slight_smile: YYF - Super Wide, Whip, Northstar, Yuuksta, Popstar, catalyst, One, and Loop 360! Just let me know!

Im looking for kendamas that are in decent - perfect condition. Looking to buy or trade. I have a small collection on YYF throws that you can choose from if you have anything.

Im really looking for cherry wood, rosewood, pro models, or even other crazy woods. haha
Oh and will also take Pill kendamas
Will trade BIG for Terra kendamas!! (from my clyw throws)

OPEN to ALL offers!! The worst i can say is No. lol

From left to right starting with row.
Row 1.

  • YYF Whip
  • YYF PopStar
    Row 2.
  • YYF Northstar
  • YYF Loop 360
  • YYF One
    Row 3.
  • YYF Catalyst
  • YYF Yuuksta
  • YYF Super wide

Pics for the buy/ trade Deal sweeteners

Beast throws for SALE! Hit me up if you’re interested!