Good tool for deshielding a bearing?


So i tried deshielding my 10-ball today. Used a bent safety-pin, no results! Are there some more spesific tools for the job?


I find a safety pin to be too thick, never works for me.
The flat side of an xacto seems to work best. So still the pointy end, but the straight side, as opposed to the angled side.
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A straight pin normally works for me, though I’ve gone the xacto blade route a couple of times.


I’ve used:

Straight Pins
Different sized safety pins
One time the yoyo fell apart because I didn’t tighten it enough, the bearing fell out and the C-clips popped and the shields came off. I don’t recommend this method!

Be patient. If you can’t get one side, try the other. Often the cut on the c-clip might have it cut at an angle that’s easier to get that pin to hook onto. This is a skill, it will take some effort and practice. Also, some bearings are harder than others.


I’ve always found the Xacto blade to be the easiest and quickest method.


a safety pin works fine for me. but i also use a really thin sewing needle hot glued to a chopstick! no joke!


I use my tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

But when that doesn’t work I use a straight pin or sewing needle.


Last time i cleaned my bearings i deshielded 4 bearings within a couple of minutes, no problems with that. Now i sit here with a 10-ball. No chance at all.


I had the same problem with the bearing on an HSPIN. Took me about 20 minutes. If all else fails just pry the shield out and go without.


Seriously, for those that laugh at this idea of using your tongue, it CAN work. I wouldn’t do it. The lubes used aren’t gonna kill you but might leave a bad tasted in your mouth for a bit at worst. Not a method I would recommend but it can be done.


How exactly would one go about taking off shields with a toungue


You’ll just need to go and figure that one out on your own. It’s gonna involve you using your tongue though. After that, you’re on your own.


I hold the bearing with the round portion of my needle nose pliers. I then use an Xacto knife to remove the shield. The biggest advice I can give is wear eye protection!! I almost blinded myself the other day. The tip snapped off of my Xacto blade while de-shielding and it hit my eyelid. Half an inch lower and I would be wearing an eye patch right now. Well I suppose an eye patch is cool in its own way. lol.


I once took the shields off of my bearing with a knitting needle.
Or at least I wish I did. A sewing needle works the best, I’ve found that a safety pin can be too thick.


Wearing an eye patch is only cool on “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and Halloween or if you work as a pirate face character at Disney parks or are playing a pirate character in some sort of production.


Tried offstring with a beat superstar. Hit a stone wall. Unscrewed it and the shields were off. Aliens.



Guess i’ll have to get a Xacto-knife then