Good-to-Know 1A Combos

Just wondering, what are some good-to-know 1A combos that are visually impressive or a good way to pull off many tricks in one go with style?

What level of play are you?

advanced part 1 -.-

just starting out… but from the looks of it some tricks in the list aren’t really worth learning for performance purposes like rock the baby perhaps? maybe some do use them in their routines but i’ve havent seen one yet.

anyway i just started this thread just to figure out what kind of tricks could be stringed together. i think players could exchange combos and stuff through this thread, it’s not really just about helping myself. but suggesting some beginner-ish combos would be good too (:

I think it is less about good to know Combos, and more about good to know elements. Like you would never use a trick like Slack trapeze all by its self. However, it is good to know slack trapeze so you can use it in an original combo. I never even bothered to learn ladder escape, Plan D, and most expert tricks. But it is a good idea to know ladder mount, Iron Whip, brent stole, ect. Just single parts of one tricks that you can combined and use for other tricks. I recommend to check out some of the elements:,54849.0.html
Sorry for linkage to the other board. You might find some of these elements hard to learn but with the right amount of practice and work you will get them. Good luck, these elements have helped me, i hope they help you too!

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Here’s three pretty simple ones that I made a tutorial for… the second two I made up myself :slight_smile:

A good combo i like to use some times is to go into split bottom mount, begin atomic bomb, after two three rotations, do a couple boing-e-boings, then ripcord, continuing into wormhole and then finishing with zipper. Thats one little combo i put together. Its like wesnaw56 said, it comes down to knowing the elements of the tricks and putting them all together.

erm i’m not really sure what you mean by elements. could you guys give some examples?

An element is like a basic maneuver, like a mount, underpass, or roll.

I’m at about the same place as you. A simple combo I sometimes try to put together:
double on trapeze, dismount to single trapeze, 1 or 2 eli hops, once through matrix, dismount back to single trapeze, bind to finish. Not too difficult, but looks kind of cool. Sorry no video.

a real easy one to do, looks flashy once perfected is this one i made up. trapeze, into trapeze bro, back around and drop the strings into trapeze, then the hard part. i think its my own trick as i havnt seen anyone do it. wat u do is u swing it around like ur doiung trapeze bro but instead of using ur pointer finger to grab it u go behind that string from ur throw hand to ur non and land it on the string. then u just drop the string over your wrist into a gt and dismount out the BACK. hope this helps


Crossed Arm Trapeze.

thats fun to get into, its like a kwijibo ( thats fun to spell)

And you didn’t even spell it right…

Yeah, you fail ijuggleyoyos… its spelled Kwybijo.

You don’t have to say that you agree with him… and I think we all know how it spelled it.

You SR, have failed.

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I wouldn’t mind trying that trick out. Can you put up a video connor?

i currently dont own a camera so it might take a while but i will once i aquire one. and i’ll post it on this thread :smiley:

Sweet, look forward to it. :slight_smile:

That’s actually the original entrance into Green Triangle but it’s still cool you discovered it on your own.

LOL hahahaha Now thats fun to say!!!


OOK Kwyjibo. thats better.

Here’s you a little nugget for those that don’t know where it came from!