Good throw for 5 year old?


So my little brothers birthday is coming up and he always wants to try my yoyo when I’m using it. So I thought I’d get him one for himself. My main request would be a durable yoyo that can take many hits and bangs on the floor and under $15. Do you guys have any suggestions?


Yoyofactory One. durable, comes with a spec bearing for when he gets into unresponsive. Only ten dollars. get him some poly string and you’re all set!


I am a huge fan of the YoYoJam Classic.


Classic. Bigger, better weight, and size(may be big for his hands but he’ll get over it fast). Stays responsive. The ONE will become unresponsive.

Another option is the Duncan ProZ. At least for starters.


Duncan pro z is nice, my 5 and 6 year olds like it. Also consider the reflex. But durability I’d go with the yoyojam classic.


Maybe the Brain line by Yomega, they’re auto-return.


You should get him a One they are great for beginners! They have a responsive bearing and a non responsive bearing.


i agree with the one, but it is acuallysemi responsive even with the half spec. you might have to thick lube it to make it responsive.


I find the ONE with the slim bearing is responsive, then goes semi-responsive, to almost unresponsive. Then you thick lube it and get to start the pattern all over again in like 3 day cycle. Nothing against the ONE(I have two, a 2011 and a 2012 version), but I feel for the money, the Classic is the better way to go even if you have to add “after-market” parts to make it a great unresponsive yoyo. Better size and weight.

My argument for the ProZ is that the odds are you can get it locally at TRU for under $10. In wing-configuration and an A-sized CBC CenterTrac, mine is pretty much dead unresponsive. No other modifications!