Good Throw-Bad Throw

How do you know when you have a Jus right thow down pat?

I ask that Because, I can throw it straight as can be but it dosent spin as long.
Sometimes i can throw it and its tiltin but spends longer.
Then there them times i throw it down and it looks good and i’m wondering- is that a Jus right throw?

keep practicing or if you said it keeps tilting thatn get a koncave bearing

Above advice is faulty, you don’t need a KK bearing you just need some practice.

Maybe… but a KK bearing will keep the string off the friction pads, and reduce the tilting. I got one when I first started, and loved it.

practice is always good. kk bearings will definitly help.

It will reduce the tilt and the rub against the wall, but it won’t really improve your throw. No problem in learning with a flat bearing.

Flat bearing=WIN


Yea i dont think i’ll get a konkave nor cener trac intill i become good enough not to need one.

its probably good to learn on a flat bearing then when you do get good buy a KK

Flat bearing FTW! ;D

You have to remember that not every throw is the same. Even if you throw it perfect you may not have thrown it as hard as the last time. Just keep at it and it will just happen and you won’t even realize it!