Good Starter yoyos here: PSG, DMII, YYJ Legacy

Good Beginner yoyos here folks. I haven’t thrown these in a while so lets make a deal.

Blue Dark Magic II. Great shape. I would give it 8/10 on condition. Plays awesome. I have the box. Will include the suction cup to remove the side caps. $25 shipped

Blue YYF Die Nasty. Pretty much new. $13 shippedSold

Adegle PSG, Blue. Not really to my liking. Hardly used. I removed the stock response and replaced them with yellow CBC slim pads. Much better! $15 shipped

YYJ Legacy. Used it once. Comes with both wide and slim bearing. $16 shipped.

The “SpongeBob” yoyo ball is not for sale. It’s in the photo because lets face it, it’s freaking awesome!

Paypal only. Might make a deal if buying more than one.
Might work out a trade for a Hitman Pro or a Northstar.

still have the DMII? if so, i can get it today…let me know!