good small bearing metals?

Hi guys, I’ve been throwin my small bearing duncans alot lately and I would like to try some small bearing metals. I already have a drifter and I realy like it but the weight is a little light for my taste. I was thinking of maybe getting a small bearing hectic. I’m just lookin for recomendations thanks alot

Stick w/ Duncan if your liking the way they throw and pick up a Mayhem

I was going to say mayhem too.
sb hectic is also good, and maybe a wedgie.

yeah I was checking out the mayhem earlier today and it looks pretty promising. I did not know the wedgie was smalling bearing though I’m going to have to check that one out too

Can’t speak to the rest, but the hectic is a great player for me. Good weight distribution, nice size. Spins forever.

Lunatic, Hectic, SPYY MK3, Bassalope. Those are some small bearings I like. But I prefer large bearings.

FHZ, Wedgie, Hectic.

Maybe a Gorilla411 for $40 but it has a D bearing so…

I have a small bearing DV888 and 888, and I love them. A SB yuuksta is coming out soon too. I would dig up a SB genesis in the BST but that’s because I want to try a full sized small bearing yoyo.

I was thinking of getting a gorylla anyway because I’ve got tax money coming soon. I already have a list of yoyo wants :slight_smile: I can’t seem to find any small bearing 888’s though. I"m going to post an add in the BST when I do get some $$ so if any body here has some small bearing metals they are wanting to sell feel free to pm me. I’m going through some of my yoyo case and maybe have some trades up. Thanks for the great responses this was extremely helpful!

MINUTE!!! SB genesis is awesome too

Mayhem or fhz

wedgie nuff said. but in all truth its a truly great yoyo

3yo3 ceephax?

gorylla 411, but its out of stock