battle of the duncan metals

Im getting a new yoyo soon. I whant to get a duncan metal. witch one[s] are good and are they worth the money. i dont realy have a prfrence just are they worth it and are they good.

Preference? I can tell you nothing with just what you said.

I dont know what happened with that line just please try to ignore it

Seriously? sigh

The Mayhem has a basic rounded shape, pretty undersized, smooth enough, and really long spinning.
The Momentum is a stacked Mayhem. Those are the only ones I’ve tried.

so you like your duncan metals? are they both unresponsive. and thanks for understanding

I don’t own any, but have used them on multiple occasions. They’re unresponsive out of the box. And yes, I like them quite a bit.

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you can wait for the duncan Exit 8, I’ve heard good things about it

ok bart im willing to work on this with ya but i need ya to meet me half way. i need to know what 7your price range is, what your skill level/set is(are already using unreasponsive throws? and are going to be using it for 1A, 5A, 3A or even 4A?) so please comment back with some info and ill work withyou on this.

Exit8 would be reccomendation but the stocks are gone very rapidly even if they restock.

for mikemonster price range max. is 80 im advanced and yes im very used to unresponsive

awesome! well it sounds like you might be new to duncans have you ever used a yoyo with a sticker response? because i personally despise stickers because i feel like they wear out faster than pads but thats besides the point, as well as have you ever used a small bearing yoyo before because the majority of duncans metals (almost all) are small bearing. if you like pads and small bearings i would go with the “MAYHEM” i have never used it but i have heard nothing but good things about it and its been out a while so you now its not just hype, the “EXIT8” looks Great! and i have also head awesome things about it but it just came out so id wait with that one a lil bit. so theres to great pads and small bearing throws. now for the opposite end of the field is a large bearing with pads so far they only have one with that, the “RAPTOR” which i have used which is also the cheapest metal Duncan has but dont over look the price because this yoyo with a new dry bearing can play like the best of them, also theres the duncan “DIVERSION” which is a large bearing but with pads which is if my memory serves me right is one of the most expensive yoyo and i have heard is great too, so its all preference ma man

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