Good ol' times

Before I got into yoyoing, I was amazed at what my friends had, and can do w/ their yoyos. But now I have a better yoyo than them, and know more and more complicated tricks than them

Talent never wins over determination. Determination never never wins over Talent+Determination.

Once you have learned something it becomes common, a goal completed, a step to greater heights. Everyone’s yo journey is different and each travels on it’s own proper path. There really isn’t a right way to get anywhere or even a common destination, just a momentary crossing of paths. Enjoy the journey!

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That was a rather expert response, skitrz.

Sounds like your well on your journey, Yomania21. Once you learn the deepest of the depthiest tricks and reach the heights of uber-complicatedness, I hope you learn to find joy in a well-thrown sleeper, a fly away dismount, and the admiring gaze of an older person who sees you transition from rock the baby to a dizzy baby.

A couple of lines from Neil Feser’s The Book of Yo come to mind:

“Life is magic, a profound trick,
waiting patiently to be understood.”

“In a mountain valley
a yoyo leaves the hand of a child.
In a hut by the sea
one returns to wrinkled fingers.”

Right now, for me, it’s 100% determination. I’m not sure if I have the talent. Having said that, I keep trying and keep having fun. For me, having fun is all it needs to be about. Nobody said my fun has to be easy!

In order to get better, you must know your yo-yo. You must taste the yo-yo. You must play the yo-yo. You must wash the yo-yo, you must dress, the yo-yo, you must date the yo-yo, you must be the yo-yo!

And practice, skill, and determination helps to but who needs those?

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Sounds like something yoda would say

It really depends on the number of goals you have in place for yourself as well as the mentality you have once you reach said goals.

I’ve been throwing for a considerable amount of time, at least since about 1998. I’ve seen so many trends, players, yoyos, and god knows what else come and go. Its insane to see the community grow to what it is today as well as the players themselves age and change.

For my personal growth, I wanted to be a pro when I was younger. I watched yoyoers in video tapes like the Playmaxx promo video wanting to learn all the difficult stuff they were accomplishing on Turbo Bumble bees. Then, lets fast forward all the way to 2008. After for so long of trying emulate everyones tricks I decided to simply follow my own path and create my own material. I went a difficult path with Moebius, expanding its trick potential to unknown terroritory and then went with 1a.

I’ve honestly reached the barrier for creativity in my experience. I’m at that cross-roads where I wonder “What do I do now?”

The Answer:

There is always room for improvement. On everything

I take this philosophy whenever I do sound for an event. I don’t want to walk in, do a job and walk away with a fist full of cash. Been there, done that. It’s not fulfilling for me. Push myself, take chances, risk and try new things. Learn, expand, grow, learn.

Why should yoyo be any different? The only difference is that it’s harder work for me. Lighter, less complicated from a hardware perspective, but other than that, it has lots of similarities. The difference is that yoyo is a lot harder for me than live sound. Yes, I can do a concert for 100K screaming fans without breaking a sweat(well, other than load in and out), but man, yoyo kicks my butt. Lots of failures with the yoyo. Doesn’t stop me!

Too many people are satisfied living in the box they’ve created for themselves. Some aren’t.

In my opinion there is too much of a focus for many yoyoers to do “competition” tricks and to be honest it can limit the creativity. I was talking with a friend recently about this subject and while they have determination, it is focused in the wrong sense (once again this is just my opinion) I think that there should be more of a focus on the creative/artistic aspect of yoyoing. It is very apparent when you see a yoyoer do a trick they made up and love. It is also apparent when people bust out long “point-whore” combos. (excuse the language)

I always try to show people that yoyoing is what you make of it. It isn’t a lifestyle, it isn’t anything amazing or wild. It’s a fun toy and I have a blast playing with it. If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it all wrong.

I’ll end my rant before I get too far off topic. But feel free to discuss what I am saying.