Good Life & Spin Time Collaboration - Liberty

@French mentioned Spintime in another thread, and the Liberty caught my eye. I looks so much like the Dietz/HALIFAX. I’m mean seriously, if yoyo’s were songs, it would be a cover.

The Dietz is one of my favorite yoyos, especially undersized yoyos, but even just a favorite regardless. I was really hoping the HALIFAX would be even better, but to me it just somehow lacks the magic of the Dietz. I don’t even know why, it’s fine, but I just don’t care for it as much.

Now I’m really curious about the Liberty, with is being constructed of 7068, and it’s fingerspin area. Is it similar in play to the Dietz and/or HALIFAX?

Would love to hear any thoughts about the Liberty.


I played it for a bit. I kinda felt about it like you felt about the Halifax. It’s fine and a good undersized option, but didn’t have that Dietz magic for me. If we ever get the ATL yoyo club going again you’ll have to try my Lab Experiment. It has the Dietz magic you seek.

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I’ve had a Liberty for a while now, its a fun midsized H and is as capable as any Mono-Metal can be. This one is in the penny colorway, I’ll have to get it back into rotation.


Your pic brings out some more details that differentiate it from the Dietz/Halifax.


I’ve have a liberty for a while. I like H shadows and this one is well worth it. Very comfortable in the hand. I don’t have nor have played Dietz or halifax. But i will agree with @Exmime. It’s fun, balanced, seems like it can handle everything really well. Plays better and smoother then some other more expensive yoyos i have.


Liberty in action on the IG from Deegan;