Good Job crammitfrog!


Cram sold me his Chief for $90. He shipped the next day and there was some problems with USPS because it had been 3 days and the package was still in his town. I contacted him about this and he called the post office to see what was going on. He even went to the post office himself to ask about my Chief. It turned out there was some sort of hold up. Cram got his package back one day later. He then shipped my Chief out again Priority. That was an extra $6 spent on shipping. I finally arrived here at my house two weekdays later.

I just want to say thank you crammitfrog for your kindness and responsibility. :slight_smile:

(Waylon) #2

He’s a stand up guy, for sure.


Bravo, Crammit. That’s how you build a good reputation.



I purchased 2 throws from crammitfrog ! This was my first buy and it was great , good communication . super fast shipping , bought at night and was mailed out 12 hours later ! I got a great price as well .


I can only confirm what’s have been already said - I bought 2 yoyos from crammitfrog and they arrived within only 10 days (!) to Germany (which was the shortest delivery time I ever had since now).

One of the greatest sellers here in the forum. Both thumbs up. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: