Good Game You Guys!


and extra bonus to samad that owned


and you man
(to finish the story)
great green dark magic that banished all loops (of fruitiness)


you were all great!

Good luck to you all!

Man, I LOVE this forum!


I couldn’t keep up.


Trince, you won man!!


Same. I was trying to make it make sense, but in the process someone would always post before me.

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #7

I had to take a shower in the middle of it! So i had to go through wat i missed and make sense of that.


congrats to the winners :slight_smile:




Yah thanks!


Hey, I thought Andre told us that he canceled the game show tonight, but I missed it. :o :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Happy Throwing! =]


Hmm… bummer I couldn’t join. Last night when I signed in late at 9 pm, the chat froze up on me and still doesn’t work.

Btw, did Andre give out t-shirts?

~yo! shi!


My brother jumped on before I could put one post :-
Then he stayed on until 10 o’ clock the time I go to bed.