Good fixed axle


In preparation for Fixed axle February, and just for some good natured fun, I want to get a fixed axle. I have a butterfly, but I have messed it up pretty good. So what do you guys suggest? I would prefer a butterfly shape, but of that doesn’t exist that is stil fine. Thanks in advance.

#2 seems to be doing really cool things. Proflys are a LOT of fun. but if you can manage to get your hands on an old No-Jive that’s probably the best thing out there.


Do proflys count as fixed axle? And what is a good website to buy TMBRs from? I am thinking I wanna get one of them, but they aren’t on the YYE store.


TMBR only sells direct, Colin is a great guy and makes them by hand, you should feel confident in buying direct from him. Personally, I think the Lovejoy is the best in the line as far as modern play goes, but for more fixed axle specific stuff like stalls and whatnot the other models are also good.

Proflys are definitely fixed axle, they have a wooden sleeve that is held in place, and it does not rotate.


So does tmbr only sell 4 different throw at the time? And does the love joy comply with the fixed axle February rules?