Gonna be gone for 2 weeks!

I’m going to a camp called Deerfoot. And am gonna be leaving at 6 in the morning tomorrow. I won’t be on for 2 weeks so cya guys! Oh and I got a Protoge and DV888 coming in the mail. Any thoughts about those?

See ya! :slight_smile: About the Dv888 and the Protege, I have heard many good things about the Dv888. I haven’t heard much about the Protege, but it looks pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

Yeah I got them because they are undersized. They are just for me :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Dv888 is pretty sweet, but I prefer the Protege, and it’s really smooth and a good grinder. :wink: Just perfect.


we will miss u and my friend tells me that protege and dv888 are smooth and one of the best yoyos he has tried