Okie Dokie guys… When I got my first paycheck a while back I went yo-nuts and bought more yoyos then I Needed (haha… Always need more yoyos) use. So I would like to sell or trade a few. (I realy want a stacked PGM if any one is willing to get rid of one!)
I’ll give all my yoyo’s a rating based on J’s scale which you can find here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,2288.0.html <Thanks J!>

Im goin to start with the Legacy

Its a great yoyo. I love it, but sence I got my DM I dont use it so much. The only real problem is the art on the cap is rubbing off.

Sorry about the glare but I couldnt get lighting decent enough to turn off the flash.
On J’s scale I think this is about a 4. I has a few small scratches but I mean small.

This pic shows a scratch, thats about the extent of it. (Once again, sorry about the glare.
Like I said, I realy want a PGM or other yoyo with hubstacks. (I’ll consider other trades as well)
As for buying with cash its best offer.

(Add: I also cleaned the bearing. Thats the only mod. I’ve made to it.)

Next up is the Aqua.


And last but not least: Sunset Trajectorys


Legacy is still up for grabs but will be put on hold till july 4th… Im going to try to make a vid for Jay’s contest

Really No one? I’d trade two of em together for a stacked PGM… (In decent condition that is…)
Come on… no ones bored of their PGM?

i’ll trade you a dark magic for the legacy.it has some scracthes but works great

Sorry… I already have a DM.

I’ll buy the Aquarius and 2x Sunset Trajectories.