The gnarwhal is cosmetically mint it came with a hint of vibe which i think is from the bearing being slightly loose on the bearing post I think a new bearing would fix this. The vibe dissapeares after you touch it.
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gt a digned c13 b grade( but might be trading it to someone) so if i dont then ill trade u


If it stops vibing when you touch it, it means it’s your throw. So it’s best if you take that off. Also vibe is usually caused by the axle, not the bearing. When a bearing falls out of it’s seat, that doesn’t affect anything, and that’s the way the Gnarwhal comes. That’s all I wanted to say.


would you trade for a 54?


I have a yoyo that whenever you put a CT in it, it vibes like there is no tomarrow!


Haha no offense man I know how to throw a yoyo I know its not my throw thats causing the vibe. Also I have had some bearings effect how bad vibe is. As for the bearing being loose I thought I had heard that can cause vibe but if not cool.

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