What's a quick and simple way to remove some vibe?

Can I get some help

What yoyo?


Why does it vibe? Did you bang it?


You might have bent your axle. Try replacing it. I don’t think a Gnarwhal has a floating axle, so tuning won’t help. I think.

just replace the axle?
thats it?

The Gnar does have a floating axle. You can try to move it around some. If u hit it too hard you might be out of luck though. You can also try the tape trick. If you tape the axle with a small amount of teflon tape sometimes can do the trick. I have never used the tape trick but I have heard it works wonders. Just trie moving the axle around some and see if that helps. You might also try a few different bearings as well.

Oh… Okay, so try replacing the axle, taping it, and then tuning it.

ya replaced the bearing much smoother