Snow Tires


Hey guys, I just got a Gnarwhal and it is pretty vibey, even when I do the thumbnail thing. It is pretty bad, and I was wondering if it could be because of the unbroken in snow tires. I’ve heard of CLYW vibe, but I think this may be different. Please help.


New or used? Have you tried swapping bearings? I wnder if the axle might be slightly out of alignmet? Screw it all the way into one half and see if that helps? No? try the other side.


New, I tried all that but it didn’t work.


I’m confused then. Lately, everything I throw has been vibey, including yoyos of mine that aren’t vibey. I do the thumbnail/finger thing and it smooths them out.

Short of checking the axle or swapping the axle out, I’d say if it’s new, I think something must be wrong with it. I would contact YYE direct for more ideas to check out, unless you want to wait for someone with more mod experience to chime in and fill in some gaps here between what you and I don’t know and what may lead to a solution.