GONE Gone gone

SPYY Addiction, Green and yellow wash, Near Mint. No damage or vibe so far as I can tell. Not really sure of a price on this. Gone

TenYo Drop Bear, Black with pink and purple splash. Slight mark on the rim and one of the bears ano is a bit weird looking. Not sure if it is intentional or not. Plays great. Would prefer to trade this one. Gone

YYF Too H.O.T., nickel, some scuffs on rims. Nothing affecting play, might come out if polished. Would prefer to trade as well.


Shipping in CONUS only. Thanks


I got my addiction for 25 bucks buts it’s pretty beat but also it has absolutely no vibe lol it’s definitely one of my favorites. Id say any where from 70 to 90 if it’s near mint. That’s just about what I would post it for. Also there is a dood on here looking for spyys pretty bad jedillama I believe it is.

Alright, thank you. I haven’t been in the yoyo world much lately haha. So I’m a bit out of the loop on this kind of stuff.

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PM sent

Your good I love spyys alot so I see what they go for and what I wouldn’t pay and I’d definitely pay in that range for a near mint