FS: SPYY Addiction v2

Time to pass these along for someone else to experience. No need to be buried with them someday, someone else should enjoy them. Will ship Friday with tracking and insured. PayPal F&F, feel free to rep check me.

Sold Original General yo 5 star - Ernie said he didn’t make many at all in this colorway. Tiny flat spot on each side, does not break anodizing. Did my best to picture it. Sold my last OG for $230, but it was the production model and the engraving on this one is faded in the center with a miniscual fingernail vibe.

Sold Spinworthy Purple Heart Unresponsive - A description still wouldn’t do it justice. I will miss it, but I’ll take joy in knowing someone else gets to try it. Normal vibe for a wooden throw, does not stop it from absolutely slaying. No damage. Onedrop Cabal guts.

$125 SPYY Addiction V2 - No damage, dead smooth. Comes with box. Chillest and most laid back throw I have ever tried.


Three of your top five??


Yep, time to make another top 5 by trial and error :heart:


Lol. This is hilarious.

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That purple heart Spinworthy is legit the most beautiful wooden yoyo out there.

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Bump, Addiction only one left available

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If I didn’t already have an Addiction v2 I’d snag this one in a heartbeat. Someone cop that throw right this minute! One of the smoothest, chillest throws ever


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