HUGE sale - radical goodness available: spyy, metal, wood, plastic

so i was kind of cataloging my collection last night, and realized that i have SO many yo-yo’s that have gone unplayed (even prior to my one-yoyo-for-2012 commitment). here are a few throws i dug out in the hopes of moving them on to better homes. prices include shipping w/in continental us, and are negotiable within reason. looking for $ only (through paypal), mainly to help defray contest travel cost.

tons of positive feedback on another site. pm for details/questions.

spyy metal:

mib black spyder II - 80, like-new 1st run black addiction - 80, purple supra (1 pinprick) - 75, gold supra (lots of marks, still super-smooth) - 50, like-new 1st run blue/gray ronin - 70, like-new orange ronin - 70

raw sweetness:

rsl (scratches, but nothing unsatinable/unpolishable) - 100, ppr 1st run punchline (cloudy, but easily polished) - 100, like new 2nd run ppr pistolero - 100, like new ppr ronin - 85, raw 2nd run flying v (not polished, but could be) - 85

wood is good:

mib eric wolff wood & evil: cocobolo, large bearing w/silicone response - offer, mint butterfly starburst no jive - 50, 2x mib “know-jive” from james buffington: one purpleheart, one osage - super cool - 40 each

spectacular miscellany:

4-color sparkle fhz (mint/stock) - 15, well-loved yyn 401k espionage - 50, mint flying squirrel - 5, hayabusa (lots of play, but still brilliant) - 5, duncan=love fhz: recessed large-bearing spr - 15, mint yyj mini-motu - 25, 2x loop 720 (awesome) - 15, 8-bit fhz (mint/stock) - 25, like new b-grade 888 - 30, like new crucial cream - 30

plenty of awesome still available!