Pretty big sale! CLYW, SPYY and plastics PRICE DROP!!!!

Hey everyone! I need money to fund getting a kitten so I am selling some of my yoyos!

First I have a MIB FG Blizzard Puffin. I am not sure if I want to get rid of this so looking for 80!

Next is a SPYY Star Grade Dynamo. It has a few pinpricks and some vibe on grinds. 45 OBO!

Next is a super beat Gnarwal. It is sanded and has some weird paint but plays like a champ! Would be a great polish job or something! Looking for 40!

I also have a bunch of plastics:
MIB Hayabusa
YYJ Pinnacle
Light-Up FHZ (Comes with Mod spacers)
These are 25 for all or 5 with something else!


Hit me up for offer

Please look at the dates that the threads were last posted in. Many of the ones that that you have posted in are over a month old. Send a personal message instead to ask if the yoyos are still available. Most likely they are not.