FS: Clyw/YYR

Hello everybody, have some sweet yoyos I’m not using anymore that I want to sell. Ship same day, get your loved ones a kicka$$ return top for the holidays.

YYR Stargazer-85$ OBO MIB

MIB CLYW Bonfire-105$ OBO MIB

I also have a Spyy Supra that I’m willing to let go of for 50 bucks, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post some pics.

Oh, and you can get both the stargazer and gleipnir as a package deal for 190$

mistah sump wants to find a mammal tooah hump

offer up, peeps

summits gone, anyone want some fine jap metal?

Yum yum said I, as I cowed down in to my crapple pie,
with splat and a snort, and feeple mad retort
I killed all my bunions and murdered my thigh

tralalala! underpants!

:o yummy pickles

Yoyoing is for supahstahs, oh yah. :-[

Buy me stuff, mateys.

Let’s put a smile on that face …

Yummy fools, so juicy

Sum yoyos brah fuh yoo

I went to the store and bought myself a mod. He was nice, till he got AIDS.

Yummy chicken gizzard make a speical treat for my obama lizard.

Purple buns burning hot,
san script m8 iz u thot.
not for sale to eat one bread,
for to kick the chucklehead

Purple bottom freedom has
the sky smeels to stinky
marble fell in the grass
when i broke my thumb’s pinky


jajaja jamming hates