UPDATE: YoYo's for sale, mostly SPYY metals and Duncan/YoYoFactory Plastics.

Hey everyone, I’m needing to clean out some of my collection to more sentimental pieces due to some financial issues. Take a look and feel free to contact me. If I get more interest on specific yo-yos then it goes to highest bidder. If you need more pictures feel free to ask. All of the SPYY yo-yos are from when I was on the team, some of the stuff was special for us to try out (raw Ronin and blank Pistolero). The best way to contact me is through this board or email (fleshmanjm @ gmail.com). There are other things on my flickr that I still have that I’m not listing since they are more specialty plastics. If you are interested, then you can still message me about it and we can talk. Thank you.

$50-Pro (green)
$50-Raw semi-polished Ronin
$50-Orbitron 5000

$15-Modified Freehand 2 (recessed, metal rings, freehand zero caps)
$7-Freehand Zeros
$5-Freehand 2
$7- Pocketchange

Higby Big Ben (space themed), green transitional plastic grind machine, and a Hulk Smash Jon-Rob Genesis, message me if your interested and we’ll discuss price.

Pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/fleshmanjm/

I added a few more pictures to help with condition. Most conditions are used, some are pretty great/near mint. Also I wanted to mention that shipping would be $6 for US and we can talk if anything else is outside of that. Thanks.

Im a huge SPYY fan. Are any of them mint condition?

As it turns out, it was an El Ranchero, not a Pistolero 2. Shows how much I’ve paid attention. Thanks for the correction guys.

The Amplifier, anodized Ronin, Adjust-O-Matic, Velocity, El Ranchero, and Stryker are sold.

The Dynamo, Orbitron 5000, raw Ronin, and many of the plastics are still available. I also have a green/purple Hulk smash Jon-Rob Genesis, Higby painted space themed Big Ben, and a green Pro if there are any interests. If you are interested in a counter offer they are also accepted. Thanks.

I’m going to add an incentive, $10 off the metals or I throw in one of the plastics for free. I still have a few that need to go.