Spinworthy POM unresponsives for sale (Please delete)

Last call to see if these might sell (which I doubt). I’m hoping to make some money to replace the low-end lathe I’ve been using.

Each are $130 shipped to the US or $220 for both.

They vibe, so if that makes you run away screaming, then read no longer. I don’t want to sell them to the likes of you anyway.

First is a sapphire blue Stout. Plays quite stable, feel nice. I really like how it plays.

It is 53mmx47mmx64.4g

$130 shipped to the US.

This is an unnamed organic Unressponsive. This is my favourite organic yoyo. It plays light, floaty and performs quite capably. Very comfortable to catch. Looks pink in the photos, buy I’d say it’s more of a cherry red colour.

It is 55mmx47mmx64.1g

$130 shipped to the US.

If you want Spinworthy unresponsive, then jump on these, they come up once in a blue moon.


That looks tasty…:drooling_face:


Don’t bite into it… You could break a tooth!


Final call and then they won’t be seen here again.


Damn those are pretty, wish I had that much to spend!!!

I think that’s the issue for those interested.


honestly, the pink and blue look more fun then the original white to play.

Please delete.