FT: Spyy Addiction v2!

Hello fellow throwers! Today I have a Spyy Addiction v2 for trade only. I don’t want/need the money, I am really just looking for another awesome throw in exchange. It is the black/red acid wash edition and is near* mint with one tiny, tiny nick along one of the rims pictured below. (The picture made it look worse to be honest, it’ll take you a good couple of minutes to find it in person.) Other than that, it’s smooth, stable and amazing just like a Spyy would and should be. Little hesitant on this one but I don’t throw it as much anymore and although it’s somewhat rare and they don’t make Spyy anymore, I feel as though it should be played and appreciated the way it was intended.

Wishlist; I’m not looking for anything too* in particular, but I do have a few brands I’m more interested in than others.

-Most any CLYW any colorway.
-Most any One Drop (same as above)
-G-Squared (same as above)
-General Yo (same as above)
-Spyy (I know this is one is a reach, but would be cool to trade for another)
-Monkey Finger (another reach but ya never know)

This is my first trade so any advice or help is welcomed.

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