OD, SPYY, Plastics

Hello, thank you for taking a look.

I have a MWB Gradient.
SPYY Addiction with box, has a scratch that can be felt, doesn’t break anno.
2013 V with a scuff and box.
2013 O with scratches and nicks, needs response pads, has box.
1 Loop 1080, no damage that I can see.
YYJ Surge, and YYF Replay

I would like to trade these for one or two yoyos. I’m open to any offers, but I want to trade them as a bundle I’m not very eager to piece them out separately. If you are looking to buy, take it all for $155 shipped domestic. Sorry, I won’t sell them separately.

Some trades that I’d be interested in are most String Theory Yo-Yos. I’m open for negotiation. Thanks for taking a look.

Take the opportunity to expand your collection. You could use the plastics to get some friends into throwing yo-yos.

If you have something fun and interesting please don’t hesitate to offer. Worst I can say is no thank you.