Does anyone have any tips for the first part, where you whip the string? I never land it right. :-\

A good tip for this a whip, and whips in general, is to point aim your finger at the gap of the yoyo. You might also want to try bringing the yoyo closer to the fingers you are whipping the yoyo with.

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Get into a mach 5 mount (or do a mach whip) and then move the yoyo toword and over your non throwhand. that is the end result for that whip. so try doing the mach whip, then pop the yoyo (while in a trapeze) to the left but just slightly. then do it more too the left and then more, then you will be able to do it from trapeze and once you have that motion down you can try it from a sleeper and it isnt that bad anymore. hope i have helped.

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thanks guys, these tips really helped. ;D

Luke, use the button. ^^^^

Lol… :stuck_out_tongue: