Gold Flame Hatrick = Sexy

I sent my Hatrick out a while ago with the Gruntbull order that Ragbar (YYN) set up and this is what I got back. This has no vibe and is so smooth to grind.



Awesome! Did they Beadblast the response area?

Yes they did bead blast the response, but I rubbed it with a rough cloth to make it easier on the string I have had no problems.

Sexy indeed.

Can I “borrow” it? :stuck_out_tongue:

when I am dead you can use it all you want. This was a gift from a good friend. It will never leave me while I am still alive.

That thing… it looks… oh man… how much does Gruntbull charge for something like this?

is the bead blast as good as the original or was yours raw (im assuming Ernie used the same blast as the 5 star )

This was a raw prepro Ernie’s bead blasting is smoother and softer, but I also love the rougher feel of this.