Going to buy my first yo-yo should I know anything more?

I’m am going to buy a Legacy II. But… I have no idea what else I am supposed to know, help/advice?

(I have 5 other poor yo-yo’s this is the first DECENT yo-yo I am buying ;D)

Firstly, buy a large bundle of strings as well. When you first start learning you’re going to be spending a lot of time throwing and you’ll go through a lot of strings. Which brings me to my second piece of advice: change strings often. As soon as it starts to fray or feel gunky, change it. There’s nothing worse than having a string snap and watching as your new yoyo goes bouncing down the sidewalk.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! If you start to get tired, bored or frustrated with a trick, put the yoyo down and go do something else for a bit. At the end of the day yoyos are toys so don’t take it too seriously.


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As Yuki said, String. You will be using alot of string and as you get better you can try out different types to find the one you like, I started off with YYE Polyester String which lasted me a while even if I changed strings a couple times a day due to knots it still took a good few months to get through it.

Something you will also want to look at, but isn’t essential when you’re just starting, is Performance oil or Bearing Lube. These will just keep your bearing sounding nice and running smooth whilst your learning the longer, more complex string tricks once you reach them.

Apart from those there isn’t really much more to know, just have fun and play around with it, don’t bog yourself down that you can’t learn a certain trick, try something else.

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Congrats on your purchase :slight_smile:

I highly recommend a YoYoRecreation DreadnaughtG for your first throw.

Yup. Legacy II is decent. Actually, really quite nice. You’ll enjoy it. I have one myself.

Strings have been recommended. I agree. Strings are necessary. Do you also maybe want to buy a couple of replacement response pad pairs? This yoyo is compatible with flowable silicone though, so you do have that as an option.

About the only other thing I can recommend is if you think you need lube or not, and then it comes down to “do you want thick lube and thin lube, or thin lube only”. I have both, but I have needs for both types of lube.

The only thing I can really give you a heads up on is the bearing, or rather the two bearings. The Legacy ships responsive with a thin bearing already installed. In the box is a wider bearing. Don’t lose this. This wider bearing will be needed for unresponsive play. Simply swap out the bearing and the yoyo goes unresponsive.

You guys gotta quit doing this to new players looking for advice. It’s really not funny. It only serves to make them think you’re making fun of them.


Agreed that’s messed up, one day someone is going to take you seriously and that will really effect someone

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I agree. While I’m all for maybe spending above one’s skill level, I think a lot of people should take into consideration the audience, or at the very least the original poster.

We have to keep in mind: We should try to provide genuine help.

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First throw? I already said I had 5 other yo-yo’s. Even if the yo-yo that you are recommending is as horrible as the others think, it couldn’t be much worse than Duncan Imperial, Butterfly and Classic…

You have the Classic?

That thing is amazing!!

It isn’t a horrible throw by any means. It’s just oversized, heavy and expensive. It’s a great throw but probably not what you’re looking for right now.

And yes, people really need to stop trolling the newbies.


We’re not saying its horrible, its actually arguably the best yoyo to ever be made, but it is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a good first high quality yoyo for someone.

I don’t think you need to spend $189 on a yoyo at this stage of the game.

A Legacy II is just fine.

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I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t welcome a YYR into their collection. They are elite yoyos. The issue is there are some forum members who think it’s cute to tell newer players to go spend $200 on a yoyo when what they really need is a durable, reliable low to mid range throw that they can comfortably progress with while learning their preferences without dropping half a car payment on a toy. A Legacy 2 will do everything you need it to for a long, long time. Heck, there are $10 yoyos that will do that.

YYR has the very budget friendly Diffusion, which comes with 2 bearings and shims. The play on it is amazing, but the smooth surface makes it not a good grinder. Yes, YYR for $40 and is plastic!! No need for it to be elitist, but at the same time, this is something YYE needs to carry. I had to, figuratively speaking, hop an ocean to get one. If need be, I’ll send mine to YYE for evaluation. Heck, I spent the money, no point in being selfish, and I know they’ll send it back when done.

This is what I don’t like about the Classic for a new player, or at the very least, one a bit lacking on knowledge and maintenance:
The installed slim bearing is for responsive play. There’s no issue with that. However, the lack of a second included wider bearing is where I have the issue. For $10, YYJ cannot throw in a second bearing, at least not without raising the price $5-6. The problem is new people may be quickly overwhelmed with choosing a replacement bearing. There are too many bearing choices, as well as sizes. New users often don’t know what exactly they want or need. I tend to address this issue by recommending the YYJ Speed bearing just to simplify things. If one needs something else, they often have more than enough knowledge to choose something else.

The response system. Rubber rings that will probably last forever. However, I find that play is better with a different response system. Again, we’re haviing to have a new user with a new yoyo change the response pads immediately. The choices of course are RTV products(including flowable silicone) and/or YYJ silicone pads or K-pads. This isn’t a good thing to drop on a new player immediately either, but at least this issue can usually be ignored for a bit.

All in all, the Classic is a great yoyo, and with a little extra effort, it becomes even better. A new user can start applying their knowledge immediately with upgrading this yoyo.

So, it’s best to go with an “out of the box” solution for new players. The ONE with 2 bearings is a decent choice but the light weight means less spin times, and new people NEED more spin time, so a heavier yoyo is a better way to go. The Velocity, with it’s adjustable response, is an OK choice, just not one I care for. Since we’re talking about rather new players, an unresponsive yoyo under $20 might not be an ideal choice yet either, despite there being some really great yoyos in this range.

So, this puts us back to the initial choice of the original poster: the Legacy II. Good weight, good shape, good size, 2 bearings and the YYJ silicone response pad. Plus, as has been said, it’s gonna handle pretty much anything for a good long time. The price is really good as well.

why not a velocity(20$) or the classic(10$) but if you have the money get the dark magic II(40$)