Going Somewhere

When I attempt to create tricks, I cant do a bunch of string hits in the same or similar mount, but have to be constantly changing mounts and doing what I call meaningful string hits. I feel like this is detremental to my progress but I am not sure. I find it makes my tricks look slow and choppy, and Im not sure how to stop it, because Ive been doing it for so long. Any thoughts?

Nope. Some people do “pointless” tricks that just don’t go anywhere. ex. Gentry Stein.

Some people do tricks that are just constant, ridiculous tranisions ex. Ky Zizan

Neither is bad. It’s all just preference.

Tricks don’t really ever go anywhere, they just end up with the string rolled back around the jojo in the end anyway.


All tricks are a fancy way to throw and catch the yoyo. haha

This fella speaks truth

That’s deep man. You should put that on a bumper sticker.

As long as you created it and feel good about it I would say just keep it going.

Yeah that’s kind of how I feel, it makes my style a bit unique if anything.

Can’t agree more. I’m reminded of a comment I heard at a running shoe store. I was proud of my 20 mile per week when an ultra Marathon guy walked in and was talking about the 50 mile cross country race he just did. After he was gone the clerk said to me “Dude, don’t worry about him. As long as you’re outrunning your couch and you’re having fun then you’re doing great.”

I think the same goes for yoyo. As long as you’re having fun that’s cool. Just keep “outrunning the couch”.