Going back in time to change something, what would you change?

I’ve pondered this question for a long time because it’s actually not as easy as you’d think. I have a list of what I would change, but in addition to that list, I have a chart that lists the cons. You’ve seen “Back to the Future” so you probably know that changing one thing will change the future from then on.
(this question is easier if you like history)
TL;DR List something that you’d like to change, but also list the cons.

Here’s one of mine;

I’d would love to go back and prevent “The Communist Manifesto” and “Mien Kampf” from ever being published. I think that these two books messed up the world so bad that you van still see the effects of them today. Preventing these two books, or just killing Marx and Hitler, would result in much less turmoil, let alone a world war.
The cons would be that the due to WWII not starting, the Great Depresison would have have just lasted longer. Japan would probably still be militaristic (and possibly have taken over north Asia), and would not have invented such ground breaking technology. Another con would be that the USA would not have been elevated to no.1 in the world.

Those cons are just from stopping two books(or their authors). They are also just my theories and could probably be proven a different way.

State your answer, and state the affect it would have.

something I would like to change… I probably would have taken things that take skills on a lot sooner… for instance, yoyos, languages, and I would have take music more seriously earlier on…

In reality tho, I wouldnt change a thing, because I believe this is the way things are supposed to be, despite all the hard things that have happened in my life

Nothing. The potential outcomes are too unpredictable. Things may be worse than they came out with the original events.

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I would go back in time with a modernistic yoyo and give it to the grandpa of the maker of duncan or some other company and see where we are when I got back.

I wouldn’t, I might see myself and make a blackhole…


Please, no alternate realities. I don’t like paradox’s…

How can you not like paradoxes?

Changing the past would just make me, that much more perfect! I don’t think my wife could stand that. :wink:

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“…the result of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe! Granted that’s a worst case scenario. The destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.”

That actually makes sense!

Even though you don’t need to be any more perfect…


I wouldn’t go back in time. I might not exist if I do that. I could possibly make the yo-yo not exist!

How could we live without that???


I would have dated Barbara Manchester…she was very cute…tall, slim, blond… and she always liked me…but I didn’t want to hear the whole “Barbie and Ken” thing…

What??? She told me the same thing.

she did more than just tell me…

Sheesh boys, you can call me Ken!

If you have ever read “The Communist Manifesto” you would realize how you sound right now. The pamphlet was written by Marx to influence a revolution in the then modernized Europe. He had no intentions of a revolution in Russia until they had industrialized, which they had not. The concepts described in this book are just as sound as any other political theory and if carried through, would present a great society that is both economically and politically strong. However, it is due to the actions of cruel and unjust leaders that has brought upon the bad name of Communism and therefore the Communist Manifesto.

You may hate it if you want but you must realize it’s historical importance and it’s potential for being an educational tool.


I’d go back in time a few years and kill myself to see what would happen.


Isn’t that a paradox?

I would go back and not read this thread! J/K