Go Big

I got a Go Big quite awhile ago it has been my fav 4a throw easily. Recently though it suddenly became really, really responsive. As in when i had spinning and sitting on just one string i could feel it catching the string. Its spin time was cut to about 1/8 its original.

I was going to try cleaning the bearing, but i cant. I is it suppose to be so tight that it is stuck in the yoyo? How do i get out? Also, any other ideas as to why it suddenly become way too responsive?

Thanks in advance

I just got one, the bearing dose not stay in the seat at all. Try removing it with pliers.

What color is it? The solid spin axle system on the older runs will crack or cave in. It happened with my first go big. It is most likely broken, but you never know unless you see it in person.

I agree with the “cave in problem” I had an orange go big, where the metal axle caved in below the plastic, in order to fix this pop off the caps on the outside (yes they come off just very difficult) than take a small flat ended nail (can’t think of correct name) and set it against the metal axle where the caps were removed, and hit it with a hammer a few times to get it back in place. Sorry if I didn’t explain very well, it’s a bit hard in text haha

Will this happen with a clear with pink rimmed Go Big? Just want to make sure mine dosent break.

It only happens when you over tighten it, or at least thats what I think. When you keep tightening it, it pushes the axel in causing it to cave. As long as your careful you’ll be fine. I don’t know anything about the new runs though.

Wouldn’t over tightening tend to pull the threaded piece out rather than push it in?

That’s what happens with Side Effects, but the Solid Spin System is a bit different. The reason it’s necessary for the Solid Spin to be so tight in the yoyo is because unlike the Side Effects, which just centers the bearing and the bearing is still sitting on the YoYo, the Solid Spin System has the bearing sitting on the insert, so the bearing is not making any contact with the actual YoYo. If you were to sit in a YoYo with the Solid Spin, it would pop right out, while in the Side Effect, the Side Effects would not move, since the bearing is pushing on both sides of the YoYo, while in the Solid Spin, the bearing is pushing on the inserts.

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