Go Big popping open

I just got a go big, and it seems to open up during play, or when I drop it.

Any suggestions? It happened occasionally with my panda too.

I do not have the caps in. I screw it in all the way.

Could it be the short axle?

Haven’t had this problem with mine, but rubber rims are more likely to unscrew an offstring yo-yo when it hits the floor. Makes sense, right? My Exodus 2 has fallen into pieces before.

Make sure there’s no lube between the bearing and bearing seat. Stock, the narrow bearing on a Go Big should come dry.

The Go Big can be screwed in snugly, but it shouldn’t have to be that tight. The weak point for over-tightening would be the plastic around the axle nuts. The surrounding plastic could crack or the nut could grind/slip on the plastic.

Just check the tightness after big drops and before you play with it each time. If you’re dropping it on a surface that is more prone to unscrewing, maybe just check it each time you drop it. If you’re checking the tightness at logical times it really should not unscrew during play.

You could try some light duty loctite on the threads.

I “Just” got it. Haven’t lubed at all. I am a little new to 4a and I have dropped it a lot. It must be doing what your exodus does.

Also I am not over tightening. It’s one of those yoyos that doesn’t have a nut so you can’t screw it really tight.

Yeah, I would just check the tightness after drops. It’s a tough yo-yo to overtighten, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Loctite can’t hurt, but the shear forces holding the the inner track of the bearing and bearing seat in place (both metal) and holding the threads and threading in place should be fine for this yo-yo.