Go Big Won't open

So I just got a Go big today. I got a knot, tried to open it and it wouldn’t open. I can turn without difficulty, but it just won’t unscrew. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

The axle may be loose in one of the halves. My PHENOMizm had the same issue where it could turn with a bit of a grippy feel to it, but would not unscrew.

If the caps can be removed, try doing that and check out if this is the issue. Maybe yoyospirit can shed some light on this as well. :slight_smile: Hope things work out.

Yeah, I just opened the caps and it has this problem. The plastic around the axle seems to be worn away. Any idea on how to fix it?

super glue bro

I know this sounds odd, but is this one green?

I’ve heard confirmed reports that the green run had some issues with the plastic that was unfortunately not discovered until after they shipped, got into customer’s hands and were returned to stores.

Phew, looks over at clear/pink rimmed Go Big :).

No, it’s the one with a red body and black rims. The Swagger Edition.

Try pulling on both halves as you unscrew it. If that works then try gluing the nut back in.

I tried that already, it’s pretty tight.

It uses a solid spin axle. I don’t think gluing is going to take care of it.

I think something may have been stripped.

If we recall, a few months ago, there was a guy who got some new YYJ off-string and stripped it, and was unfortunately upset when he was informed that “yeah, based on everything you said, it’s unfortunately new and toast”, so he got something else, and did the same thing.

I gotta wonder what people are doing to cause such damage so fast to their new yoyos. I’ve been beating up my Go Big for quite some time, and it’s still playing like a beast. Even my Fiesta XX is covered with rim damage from hits on concrete and it’s still just as amazing as the day I got it, except now it’s well broken in.

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Well, when I got the package, the yoyo looked like it rolled out of its plastic box while inside the package.

I took it out, threw it up and caught it a couple of times, dropped it once, then I got a knot while binding, then I found this problem.

Might it have been damaged during shipping?

I’m gonna go over and above here, so please, YYE admins and mods, PLEASE do not take action. If you(mods) do need to take action, please let me know via PM’s AFTER you’ve done what needed to be done. I just feel that pushing the limits a bit is necessary to make help a fellow player out. If I push too far, I apologize in advance.

Onto the help section.

1: First, you’re claiming to be from Japan in your profile, so I have to assume that’s where you are from. I’m not into this whole “I’m gonna pretend to be from somewhere” thing. Now, work with me. If you are from Japan, there is a great yoyo retailer(several actually) in Japan, and honestly, that unless you can’t get what you’re looking for at those places, there’s little reason to shop “overseas”.

My question is: Where did you buy this from? All I want to know is “YoYoExpert” or “Someplace in my country” or “somewhere else”. If you feel you need to give me more details, you might have to send me a private message.

Also, was this bought new? I assume so because of terms like “box”.

2:It is possible the item was damaged in shipping. It happens. The boxes aren’t meant to hold up very long and nearly all my YYJ boxes start to come apart. But, without the caps being removed(which it sounds like you did), you can’t really assess damage to the solid spin axle. How did it ship? Box or padded envelope or something not as protected?

If the item was crushed in transit, typically speaking the gap will be reduced as the solid spin axle will stay firm but the halves will press inwards.

3: Do the halves spin when you hold it? As in: You hold one half, will the other side be able to move? If so, you stripped the area where the Solid Spin axle sits. This may be fixable, but it’s not looking good. Epoxy would be your solution.

Then again, you could have stripped the axle and getting a similar effect.

Of course 4A yoyos are more prone to damage due to all the drops and hits they take. I just don’t see how one would strip so fast. My son has been beating the heck out of a Fiesta XX since last BAC. Yeah, he’s 6.5 and can land it for 4A, but it took him a long time and that yoyo has been dropped thousands of times, and it’s not stripped. My Fiesta XX and Go big have also been beat up and my son was also using my Go Big and again, thousands of drops and it’s not stripped.


4: Did you take this apart before just fine? Now we may be seeing where the issue might be. You may have screwed it together wrong, stripping the Solid Spin Axle insert. You may have over-tightened. This is not an adjustable gap yoyo.

I’d like to see the damage, but if you can’t get it apart, you can’t show the damage.

Feel free to volunteer as much information as you feel helps.

I live in Japan, my dad has an FPO box so I got it from here at yoyoexpert (The Spingear shop is really far away)

It came in a padded envelope, sorry I was using box to describe that it came in.

I can hold one half and turn the other side, I noticed that the thing that holds the axle in place that’s under the cap turns as I turn the other side.

I’ve never taken it apart before.

I’m pretty sure I twisted the yoyo the correct way (Lefty loosey, Righty tighty).

Hopefully this can explain what’s going on.

There’s another store in Japan that I would have recommended you use. However, do know I do like YYE.

I find it odd that YYE would use a padded envelop, but stuff can happen. First Class?

It sounds like the solid spin axle stripped the plastic where it seats.

I wonder if FPO deliveries are kind of rough when being handled. A padded envelop may not have been sufficient.

I would suggest contacting the place of purchase (YYE) to see how to proceed. YYE wants satisfied customers and they’ll do what they can.