Strange Whizzing in my Big Yo

I was just wondering if anybody knows what the strange whizzing noise is when the Big Yo spins, Is it just the bearing or is my yoyo broke, also when it hits the floor it sometimes unscrews it self is that dodgy to.

Its probably just the bearing. Make sure you screw it in tightly.

ok how about it hitting the floor and unscrewing is that just because it is loose

How long have you had the big yo? Did you get it from a trade? The axle might be worn out.

Try to tighten it more than you usually do, but don’t overtighten it.

It got on Wednesday brand new from the

You might have stripped the bearing. Also, the bearing is making the sound when it is breaking in, it is fine.

I’ve noticed that YYJ yoyos are usually noisier than YYF or duncan

The whizzing is just from the bearing breaking in.

Many bigyos with broken in bearings have that sound, and its common, nothing to worry about, I always lube the bigyo bearing to keep the noise low.

As for the unscrewing, I had a bigyo that did this, fixed it up with some lock-tite.
Never had a problem with it since.