Who has one? I legit think this is one of the best yoyos I’ve ever had. Love everything about it.

I have a 28 stories edition one.

Those of you who have a CLYW Gnarwhal, tell us your experiences with it :smiley:


I agree its the best performance yo I have played with to date for 1a.

I had a Goose Bay edition Gnar. That thing was awesome.

Traded it for a 28s Wooly Marmot.

I like the shape of the Gnar better but the speed and floatiness of the Marmot is more my style.

What’s the point of this being moved to the unrelated section? It’s a thread… about… a yoyo.

Icthus obviously doesn’t like Gnarwhals.

Yes, and he moved it because he thinks they’re not real yoyos.

Or he’s jealous of Gnarwhal owners. I used to be one.

That’s weird that it would get moved to Unrelated Discussion aka “not related to yoyo talk”. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Instead of staying in General Yo-Yo Forum aka talk about general yoyo stuff.

Icthus, why don’t you like Gnarwhals?

you know, where this thread is going it’s just going to be about some scheme of his to get rid of the earth’s gnarwhals or something

Maybe he got poked in the balls by one…

Icthus doesn’t like Gnars because when he was little his boat was capsized by one.

I heard about that. It was a Gnar with the left AND the right tooth. Poked 2 holes in the boat. It was tragic, he doesn’t like to talk about it. He did kill the Gnar after, took both teeth and sold them as unicorn heads though. Made millions. ::slight_smile:

And to further exact his revenge, he moved all Gnar related topics to the unrelated section of the forums.

Although this thread is pretty unrelated at this point.

Told you…


So Icthus moved this to the unrelated discussion because he knew if we did that this thread would become unrelated. Icthus, you just blew my mind.

I could talk days about the gnar. So not for me. I think he just wants us to get the agrape :smiley:

funny hehehehe

i loooked at a gnarwhal :), touched a gnarwal :), heck even played with one :), but i never had one :’(

vary funney ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D