Gnarwhal spin time

I recently got a gnarwhal, I also ordered. KK for it too, I lubes the KK with thin lube and replaced the original bearing, it seems the gnarwhal is only spinning door 2 minutes which odd because people say it spins longer, what’s the problem

maybe your throw isnt strong or straight and i would use the stock bearing to me they seem to spin longer

its probably bc he lubed the bearing and its not spinninf very freely.

What they said.

Most likely just continue throwing and stop worrying about it and your throw will get better in time. (Just because somebody says a yoyo, in this case a Gnarwhale, can sleep for, say, 4 minutes doesn’t mean that no matter what it can only sleep 4 minutes. One person may get 2 minutes and another may get 10 minutes. It really just depends on the thrower.