Bearing Types, Gnarwhal Help.

I’ve got quite a problem. I really love using the Dif-E-Yo KK bearings. I got a Gnarwhal from BigYoyo a few days ago, it came with a OD 10ball bearing. The 10 ball works fantastic, but I prefer the KK. I put the KK bearing into the Gnarwhal and it was responsive. Now, Since I’ve been yoyoing for about a year my first initial thought was the bearing needs cleaned. So I cleaned it.
Later I put it in again and it was still responsive. So I tried a trifecta in the Gnarwhal, it was as well responsive! So then I put the OD 10ball back into the gnar and it was fine. Unresponsive. So then, I put the KK in my cascade and it was unresponsive.

What might be wrong with the Gnarwhal that any bearing with a groove is responsive in it?
Is this normal?

I just thought is was weird, I would love to hear feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks, sorry that was so long.

I wouldn’t see why. I’m pretty sure all of the new CLYWs ship with a center trac.

Wierd, contact caribou chris, or check the bearing seat, try other bearings.

Well this is a first run Gnarwhal I believe. Ill shoot Chris an email. It’s a holiday edition colorway, that’s why I’m guessing its first run. Thanks for the tips guys!

Are the bearing shields on? Some bearings have a wider profile with the shields on.

Yes, deshield it first.

Shields are off on both sides.

I emailed Chris and he said the bearing seat may have gunk in it so clean it out and try, he also said the wall sizes are shaped differently than the 10 ball bearings so that may also be a problem.

Thank you all for the help!