gnarwhal or canvas????

The last run of the canvas releases tonight but the last run of the gnarwhal is here at yye. I can’t figure out which is better form me. I tend to like floaty but if its stable it has to be small. I like rounded shapes. I play medium to fast. I do a ton of whips and suicides. I like to have multiple wraps of string in the gap. Also, if you would, suggest soft strings that would suit these yoyos. I’m so undecided and need help ASAP!

Chris said that he is revamping the gnarwhall just in case that interest you.

I believe Chris has already released the last run of the Canvas–I checked as soon as I awoke, and they were sold out. I really wanted a 28 Stories, so I guess I’ll have to hit the BST. By default you’ll have to choose the Gnarwhal, if you’re wanting to purchase new.

Piece of Advice: I’ve seen you posting a lot of these “This yoyo vs That yoyo” threads. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I realize you want to make an educated purchase, and make sure you’re getting the best yoyo for your money, but honestly, just buy whatever you like. I assure you, you will be happy. Most yoyos made nowadays are great, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

it just means coming soon so i can still get either.

If the Canvas is still available, that would be my choice. However, I have not played one. I have played a Gnarwhal somewhat extensively-- at least as much as I care to, which isn’t very much. I really don’t rate that yoyo very highly. The Canvas at least seems to have a following among the “chilled out and fun” aficionados, so I’d take my own chances there.

Personally, I’d get a Canvas then. In my opinion, the colorways on this run are too good to pass on (28 Stories looks GREAT!), if the play doesn’t already speak for itself. The Gnarwhal is great, but a revamped version is in the works, so if I were interested in the Gnarwhal, I’d hold on for the new one.

then canvas it is. Would you recommend any string? I like soft and fast. Decent for whips since I do a lot of them.

YYSL Type X is a good string

awesome that’s what I was thinking anyway! :wink:

Type X isn’t very fast, though.

Some “whips” work better with a slower string, so your mileage may vary.

Two fastest yet softest strings I’ve ever tried were Big Yoyo Strings “Cyber Silk” and also Twisted Stringz “Gray Matter”.

However, they were WAY too fast for me. Cyber Silk is a bit thicker than normal (it’s the weight that contributes to the speed!) and Gray Matter are VERY thick and unbelievably soft and fast. Just… too much for me… :wink:

If you are considering YYSL and love whips, suicides and soft string, then AMMO might be the way to go.

YYSL is pretty much exclusively what I use. I have Type X in two of my three Canvases. It’s wonderful.