GN Yoyo Co Presents: Phoenx ~ Part 1 (ft. Zorro)

When I play the video it says not available?

Cool. Nice 5A and tech.

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its good to see your actually have a working yoyo now…

Are you on the mobile app. If so, the embedded link might now work. I added a link below it, so try that one.

Thanks a ton

What’s that supposed to mean?

That looks awesome man, how does your prototype play? Is this the first one? If so, do you plan to change anything yet for a second prototype, or are you pretty happy with how it is now? Great job getting it done, I was wondering when we’d see a prototype, I’d like to see more of it now!

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Glad you are interested. I am working with Andre on the official announcement with pictures and everything to post on the news thread so that should be ready soon.

We do not plan on changing anything because we love it like it is. The one I happen to have is a 7075 Phoenix that we planned to do a special short release of with the 6061s but it is just overwhelmingly heavy and we do not like how it turned out. The 6061 Phoenix is brilliant so we do not want to change the design.

As for the video, thanks.

you realize 6061 is lighter than 7075 aluminum?

Yes, I do, and that was bad wording on my part. We are not going to be producing 7075 because of their heavy weight. We were going to release with (meaning at the same time as) the 6061s. I think that’s where it got messed up.

I am going to visit family at our lake house this weekend and I plan on filming parts of Part 2 while I am there. Expect some even cooler tricks (and maybe better versions of the ones in this video) as well as a tutorial wave coming shortly after.

You’re doing great Zorro. Glad to see this gain some traction!

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Congrats on getting the yoyo made and nice 5A in there.

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The one he had was a 7075 model, which they planned to release with the 6061s, but decided not to because of (the 7075) being too heavy

A little confusing on first read, but taking a second look should clear it up

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Even before when I clicked at the embedded link it opens the YouTube app and where the video should play text comes.

Video not available.

I’m using Chrome on my tab.
Using the link it’s the same.

The only thing I noticed about this video that really erked me… was the logo, it gave me chills. Otherwise stellar vid.

Try deleting your entire browser history including cookies and cached files.


Thank you, I have been trying to up my 5A game and I think I am finally going somewhere. I am aiming for a little more technical as you can probably see.

Yes, you’ve got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

:smiley: Too much?

I actually liked it.

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I think its because of the music copyrights.

Really? It’s never removed the video before, but I have watched videos with removed sound due to copyright issues before.