GlowMods Return Top Glowsticks!!! (Current Global Stores) New FB Page


Hi everybody out there in the world!! I am so happy to be able to provide an awesome product to the community!! I have gotten so much great support from fans and just created a facebook page a few days ago and have already done a contest giveaway at 100 likes and have tripled that in the past 48 hours!!

Here is the link to the facebook page! Please show love and support if you think its a neat product.

My Product is currently for sale in 4 countries In 4 stores listed below.

United States

Prague                [online store link removed]

United Kingdom      [online store link removed]

Malaysia                [online store link removed]

[b]Mod Edit - Please don’t link to other online stores



I don’t think the mods will like this.


wasnt really thinking! silly me


Does it work with Avant Garde 2’s?




Sure does. Keep updated on GlowMods by checking out the GlowMods Facebook page

(Nautilus) #7

north stars?


Are they like normal glow sticks, as in, can you only use them once?


Yes they are bright for 12 hours then decrease over next 48 hours, if u wanna make them super bright just warm up the liquid, you can rub in your hands creating friction to warm them but my favourite is put them in the microwave for 5 seconds then shake them up


No the north stars don’t have enough to grab on to


Avant garde 2 are awesome with glow mods