glow mods?

can i put glow mods in a trigger,hot,code 2,irony jo,super nova?

Trigger, Super Nova, HOT, Irony(any): yes, with the tube thing.

Code 2: If you can get over the spike, maybe. Most likely yes.

I don’t know where my glow mod kits are. I can’t test. I only have the Trigger and Code 2 of what is in your list.

Plus almost all clyw throws. There awesome you will love them, but use the trigger with them the most because if your throwing in the dark you might damage your $$ throws.

I wouldn’t use glow mods, they like burn away ano from aluminum throws so I can only imagine what they would do to Delrin or anything else, my bip bop chief would be in such better condition if the person hadnt used glow mods who had it before me. No biggie tho, but that’s just a heads up

Explain to me how these little glow sticks are gong to cause the ano to burn off?

For what it’s worth, this is what is being talked about:

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I have played for probably hours with glow mods in 2 separate Chiefs. A gold first run and a Pekka edition from
whichever run the first Pekkas were in. The glow mods have done nothing to the ano in either throw. Maybe the person who damaged your bip bip damaged in by being overly rough with the insertion and/or removal of the glow mods, but seriously I don’t think they damage ano.

They do, I can show you my bip bop chief. Previously owned by Jason Kirsch. He sent me glow mods with it when we traded. And also my friends cool ghoul or whatever it’s called chief its blue with like a dark blue wash? Well he used glow mods and threw them in for like 2-3 hours and when he took it them out in some spots the ano had faded off. Seen it with my own eyes, as well as I can send you pictures of the ano on my bip bop chief, it’s a great throw so it doesn’t matter, but in my own opinion I wouldn’t ever use them again or risk it unless the throw was raw.

If you look inside the rim it turned the pink ano like a faded blue it almost blends in so it’s kinda hard to see but it’s not the same blue that’s supposed to be on the bop splash. Anyone can feel free to use them but I don’t even wanna risk using them if this happened to the bip bop and my one and only friend who throws in Portland with the cool ghoul had boughten his chief and a big pack of glow mods but ended up only using 4 because that’s all it took. It’s a fun idea but to big of a risk for me, I want to be able to get every bit of trade value I can if I decide I want to trade or something.

Maybe it’s from extended use? But you never know because a 2-3 hour period did it to my friends.

Ill take a better picture in a Lil bit and next time I see my throwing buddy ill show you his cool ghoul

just looks like a normal bip bop chief to me. They’re standard glow sticks with the normal plastic tubing, filled with hydrogen peroxide, diphenyl oxalate, and a fluorescent dye. None of which would be harmful enough to have an effect on anodized aluminum, especially not when concealed in vacuum sealed tubing.

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I know they can burst pretty easily.

I see nothing wrong with the picture. Normal chief.

How long will these things glow? Is it a one time thing or will they glow for say, a week?

Huh, I can see the blue you’re talking about. It does look to be about the size of a glow mod, that’s just really weird because it really didn’t happen to either one of my Chiefs. I’m not doubting you, but it does seem weird.

You can put them in the freezer when you’re done playing with them and keep reusing them. I had a pair last from March-July or so by repeatedly returning them to the freezer in between play sessions.

Photo looks fine. Some yoyos naturally have dark/black areas when doing ano jobs like that. Plus, the camera angle wasn’t ideal and neither was the lighting.

Sorry, I’m calling BS on this one.

Call BS lol I wouldn’t make it up? Also not gonna put more lame glow mods into my throws to try and prove you guys wrong. When I meet up with my friend next ill show you a picture of his chief so you guys can see what I’m saying. The blue that you see in the picture looks 10 times different in person, looks like burnt ano and almost chalky and dry. Not the blue splash that comes on the bip bop. Not sure why I would make that UP, or better yet why my friend would take his chief and mess it up to think that glow mods suck? Not to sure someone would go that far for something so small. All I’m saying is go ahead and out glow mods in your throws, I’m just letting you guys know why I don’t.

Some of you guys beat your throws to death, so I can see why you would think it looks like a normal chief, but I myself like my things in the best condition possible :slight_smile:

Another funny thing, all that blue you guys see was once different colors, but now it’s all blue and chalky because of the glow sticks. You can’t tell a bip bop chief comes with a day blue chalky residue that looks like corroded ano? Obviously it doesn’t completly burn it off, but the glow sticks did something to it, I mean what else could have done it? That blue mark is exactly as big as a glow stick mod

You see here, the problem is that if you knew about glow sticks and the chemicals used in them, you would realize that this is an incorrect statement by saying that it is the glow mods fault. Glow sticks do not get hot, that is why children play with them. And I know from experience that if you bust one, nothing bad will happen except you will stain your clothes (or your brand new pair of orange Levi’s jeans :()

a while but the trick is to put it in the freezer after your done a you just take them out a crack them agin and they glow like new

And it’s within the realm of possibility that his glow sticks leaked some of that very same chemical onto his yoyo. Thus causing the discoloration he sees.

The bottom line is that no one would use glow mods if they ruined anno. Your obviously the only one with these problem. Do you think maybe that when he put them in he scrapped some of the anno off and that’s why it is lighter, and maybe the chalky stuff is scrapped off anno? Regardless, it was not the products fault. It was user error one way or another.

You’re right, that would be quite possible. However, when I made that statement, I was making an assumption that that incident didn’t happen. Thanks for pointing that out

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